From the pre-study, the products are imagined
with the aim of reducing the consumption of material,
of reducing the energy needed to manufacture our lamps (limit the number of welding / optimize cutting …),
of maximizing the life of the product.

Product’s sustainability…
We are able to restore a damaged product
or repaint a product worn down by time.
Our new sources of lighting are compatible
with our original models.


Designed and developed in France
by an independent engineering office,
solar collectors are regularly optimized
according to the latest technological advances.

Current components enable ever more energy efficiency.


LED sources generate the highest efficiency.
Miniaturized devices fit perfectly with steel envelopes
to offer direct or indirect lightings.


The assumed choice of local manufacturing in France
is part of our identity.

We share with our partner workshops ISO 9001 & ISO 3834 certified, the recognition of our products.


…In an effort to reduce our environmental impact

The shipment of our lamps requires an important
level of protection.

We manufacture dust covers in linen.
Returned dust covers are reused for
the shipment of our products.
Our objective is to eliminate
the use of plastic in our activity.

A French plant with many benefits…

  • Local culture: since the choice of French
    manufacturing is part of our identity.
  • Durability: linen, one of the most resistant
    natural fibres, is ideal for our dust covers longevity.
  • Ecological plant: the cultivation of linen requires
    neither irrigation nor pesticides, making it 100% natural.
    It is biodegradable.


… A zero waste objective

The production and consumption of plastics
have soared over the last years.
This is a disaster for biodiversity.

At the world level, the plastic consumption has more
than doubled since the 2000s. (Zero Waste France)

We reuse wooden pallets and cartons
from our partners, to pack and ship our products.